Movement Makings

Your corporation needs you to start a movement.

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I’m Rex Williams, and I start things.

Making change happen in a large corporation is not an easy task. Especially from the bottom (or middle or where ever you are.)

But it’s possible.

There are ways to gather cohorts, champions, and momentum. In short, you need a movement.

I can show you how.

I’ve been starting movements in a large corporation for over 20 years, and I’ve learned a few things. If you want to lead a big effort and see change happen in your company, stick around and we’ll figure out how I can help.

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Glad you stopped by.

If you’re a corporate employee, sometimes you feel like you can’t make a difference.

Well, a large ship is turned by a small rudder.

That’s you.

I’ll help.

Many hands make light work.

To make a change in a standard process laden corporation takes a lot of work.

So first, you need to gather hands.

Who else believes that your change needs to happen?

Find them. Enlist them. Let them know you’re starting something. People will help a change they believe in.