Movement Makings

Your corporation needs you to start a movement.

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Making change happen in a large corporation is not an easy task.

Especially from the bottom (or middle or wherever you are.)

But it’s possible.

There are ways to gather cohorts, champions, and momentum.

In short, you need a movement.

I can show you how.

I’m Rex Williams, and I start things.

I’ve been starting movements in a large corporation for over 20 years, and I’ve learned a few things. If you want to lead a big effort and see change happen in your company, stick around and we’ll figure out how I can help.

First step: click on that button to subscribe to my list. We’ll have a little private chat by email, and figure out what you need.

Glad you stopped by.

If you’re a corporate employee, sometimes you feel like you can’t make a difference.

Well, a large ship is turned by a small rudder.

That’s you.

I’ll help.

Why do we like movies so much?

It's not really a big secret, but if this is the reason we like to watch movies, then we should apply it in our own life, so we can live our own exciting movie.

Do whatever you want.

I've learned that when you work in a large corporation, you really can do whatever you want.

I know you may not think so, but it's true… within reason.

Sure, you still need to do the work you've been assigned, but you can do other stuff too. Or, you can do your work in a way that gives it a larger reach or makes a bigger impact.

Here's one way:

Schedule an event.

You know how to schedule meetings. An event is just a meeting with flyers :)

For some reason, when you make a flyer, announcing something, it makes that thing huge.

It means you're putting something out there for everyone to know about and inviting everyone to participate. It's a bold move.

(But let me tell you a secret, hardly anyone will show up because of your flyer.)

Statistically, a flyer is probably your least effective method of advertising. But, even if no one shows up because of your flyer, some people will have seen it, and know that the event happened, and it will be big in their eyes, even if you only had a few people show up (they'll never know.)

So, if you want to start something, schedule a meeting, but make it an event… with flyers!

You don't need permission for that.


Many hands make light work.

To make a change in a standard process laden corporation takes a lot of work.

So first, you need to gather hands.

Who else believes that your change needs to happen?

Find them. Enlist them. Let them know you’re starting something. People will help a change they believe in.